Sunday, September 27, 2009

అస్తమానము ఆడవారి ఏడుపు ఎందుకు?, Women tears frequently Why?

women weep or cry more frequently than that of men. .for every small event they tears . to compare this is more times in females than males. .. . in mem laughter is more .. there is a proverb " don't believe laughing women and weaping men" that means that they are behaving against their natural inborn human property . This is to draw others attention , sympathy and to fulfil their desires .

There are more benifits of women tearing .. as outers react instantly on seeing a weeping women to help them in pity . Tearing /weeping is a language of women-kind to get their work to be done by others. they line the male by just tears and cry .

Mediacally the hormones will be regularised by weaping mostly in child-bearing women the milk producing hormones will be minimised and improve their health and sex desires.

There are many types of Tears of women ... false (Donga) crying , intentional (mondi) crying, sympathetic crying , etc.

My quote : " women is the route of all men's evils "

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